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Digital expert since 1997.
Entrepreneur since 2002.
Bestselling author since 2010...

I started my professional career in 1997 at an IT Systems Company. In 2002 I co-founded the digital agency conceptbakery with my brother Klaus. conceptbakery became part of Zone in early 2016 and we turned into shareholders and members of the senior management team. In October 2017 we sold Zone to Cognizant – one of the leading digital businesses worldwide (listed on the NASDAQ, a Fortune 500 company).

After the successful sale of our business I’m in the privileged situation to focus on things that I truly enjoy doing and which provide the most meaning to me. I love to share my experience and know-how built over the last two decades while I worked for some of the most exciting brands of the world – national and international, including Fortune 500, DAX 30 and leading SMB.

My target audience are ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses. I also enjoy to work with non-profit projects that have the potential to turn our world into a better place.

Consulting & Coaching

Build successful businesses and teams in a fast moving and digital world. Develop outstanding strategies, customer experiences, products and services. Create unique brands, stories, content and campaigns.

Speaker & Author

Inspire audiences. Make people think. Share my knowledge and experience as a successful entrepreneur, a digital expert with proven track record and bestseller author. Keynote presentations, panel discussions and moderation.

Counselor & Directorate

Act as advisor, enabler and accelerator. Support and challenge businesses to think different, optimize existing strategies, processes, products and services. But also to create new ones, become more digital and dominate their industry.

Mentor & Business Angel

Help young entrepreneurs and businesses to conquer the world. Share my experience and international network (focus Germany, UK and USA). Invest smart capital early stage. Offer support and advice whenever needed.

How it all started...

1986 | 1992 | 01. February 1997
When I was 8 years old I spent all my savings on my first computer, an Atari 520ST. I've been online since 1992. I began to work for an IT Systems Company in 1997 while I was still attending school. The managing partner became my mentor and is still a good friend of mine today. After clients increasingly asked for web design, e-commerce and online marketing I was tasked with setting up this department. Back then the inventory for online shops was managed via excel sheets and search engine optimization was focused on Yahoo, Lycos and Fireball. Flash 3 offered new opportunities to create interactive web experiences. These were the days when I won my first award. Even if we smile about these times today it was a very exciting and informative phase. At the beginning of 2000 the company developed a toolkit to build websites, that was offered as software as a service. The growth of the company was heavily accelerated by three rounds of venture capital investments. That’s when I started to work in the fields of business development and investor relations. I worked alongside the executive board, was deeply involved in all parts of the organization and became a constant in the meetings of the shareholders and the supervisory board. It was a perfect environment for learning the fundamentals to run my own business one day.

The conceptbakery story...

24. September 2002
At the time when I started my professional career my oldest brother Klaus moved to the United States. By coincidence we started to work in the same industry. Over the years we developed the idea of running our own business. We founded our digital agency conceptbakery on September, 24th 2002. Our goal was to build innovative bridges between our clients and their target audiences. Among other things we identified trends in the USA, built methods and ways to transfer this knowledge and experience to the European market. Timing was often crucial. Sometimes we had to wait for markets to be ready for the methods, technologies and platforms we were proposing. Our approach worked and we built a successful team and business in Germany and the USA. We were able to work for many great clients (including ADAC, Canon, Coca Cola, Condor, Deutsche Bank, DEVK, E-Plus, Germanwings, Henkel, Jaguar / Land Rover, Kodak, Microsoft, Ravensburger, Royal Caribbean, RTL, SAB Miller, Sharp, Swiss International Airlines, Triodos Bank, TÜV Rheinland, Unicef, Vodafone and many more). After we successfully worked together as strategic partners conceptbakery became part of Zone (the leading independent digital agency in the UK) at the beginning of 2016. Instead of running our own business, we became part of Zone and their senior management team and turned into shareholders.

Than came Zone... And Cognizant...

01. January 2016 | 26. October 2017
At the beginning of 2016 I became CEO Germany and part of the Zone leadership team. Zone is a full service digital agency with an international footprint and more than 250 experts that work in the fields of strategy, technology, content & experiences. In October 2017 we successfully sold Zone to Cognizant – one of the leading digital businesses worldwide (listed on the NASDAQ, a Fortune 500 company).

Being an author...

Since 2006
I wrote my first book in 2006. The title was "Guerilla Marketing – Online, Mobile & Crossmedia". The book was simultaneously published as a blog, e-book and podcast. At that time this was an innovative way of publishing that created an unexpected level of attention. Within 3 months the e-book was downloaded more than 10.000 times and people listened to more than 28.000 chapters of the podcast. Since than I wrote the books "Facebook – Marketing among friends" (1. edition published in 2010, Bestseller), "DIGITALE MARKETING EVOLUTION – Wer klassisch wirbt, stirbt" (translation of the subtitle "who continues to run classic ads will die", 1. edition published in 2015) and several publications as co-author.

Speaker and lecturer...

Since 2000
I also enjoy being invited as a lecturer at several universities and speaker on leading industry events.

My passion...

Today I’m in the privileged situation to focus on the things that I truly enjoy doing and that provide the most meaning to me. I love brain jogging. Digital trends and business models. Strategic thinking. Entrepreneurial action. Moderation and consulting. No matter if as counselor, directorate, mentor and business angel or just as somebody who loves to share his more than 20 years of professional and entrepreneurial know how and experience.


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